Human Death Cleric

Step 1 is always prepping the mini. There were extra pieces of metal on this one to keep the scythe blade in place. So I took my hobby knife and cut those away. Then I turned the knife in the direction I would scrape and scraped across the mold lines until they were smooth. Following a suggestion I read in White Dwarf, I also sharpened the blade of the scythe by further scraping. There were no other parts to assemble on this mini, so I checked the fit of the base. As I had experienced with other miniatures from WotC, the slot in the base left gaps, so I took a sliver of modeling putty, rolled it into a strip and pressed it into the bottom of the base. Then I pressed the metal into the base. The fit was snug and I scraped the excess away with my knife. I let this dry overnight. For the flocking on the base, I took a scoop of cornmeal and a scoop of sand from my son's sandbox (fine sand as you would find on golf courses) and mixed them in a quart-size zip-lock bag. I spread super glue to the top of the base and dipped the mini in my bag. I let this dry for about an hour and tapped the mini over the bag to remove the excess. Finally, I primed the mini white.

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